Eau de Parfum – 100ml

Berlin from above
BER.CAVOK is a fresh, clean, ozonic, musky perfume with a unique inspiration, which combines two completely different worlds: perfume and flying.

The spring sky combines the typical and unique olfactory notes of linden blossom...  this slightly floral, honeyed and spicy nutmeg note that can be noticed throughout Berlin, with a fresh CAVOK accord, Marie’s interpretation of the slightly ozonic and crystalline blue sky.

A few scattered clouds have turned into soft and comfortable notes of "white musks"...

The unique architectural view of this city, under permanent construction and reconstruction is reflected by the edgy facet of Calone and other mineral notes....

The construction is rather linear (not really the typical head, heart, base)... more like an almost infinite visibility, that pilots have during a flight under good meteorological conditions...

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