A passionate aviator, Parfumeur Créateur Marie Urban - Le Febvre is a discoverer of terrae incognitae with her plane just as much as with her senses. Like an infinity-shaped propeller blading through air, Marie pierces through olfactory terrains with her Urban Scents collection and made-to-measure perfume creations, using scent as a key to a journey into the world of the senses.


As a family business, Urban Scents goes back to the roots of traditional perfume making as a craft and works uniquely with small manufactories that are specialists in their fields.

The exquisite ingredients are sourced from independent workshops and processed at a small perfume house in Grasse that was founded more than 70 years ago by Edmond Roudnitska, the creator of iconic scents like “Diorissimo", “Eau Sauvage” and “Femme” by Rochas.

The night-blue flacons with the propeller logo are handmade in a glass workshop in Northern France and the nickel-plated brass caps are forged in Italy. In the tradition of Roudnitska, Urban Scents highly values creative spirit, quality and responsibility.