‘In the name of earth’/ ‘Au nom de la terre’

Exhibition:   01.12.16 – 04.04.2017

A skull stands out from the earth: An image in which Michel Granger deals with the threat of the earth in a drastic and direct way. The presentation was sold millions of times over 40 years ago as cover of the legendary study album "Oxygen" by Jean-Michel Jarre.

The earth and the human beings have since been at the centre of the entire work of the French painter. Granger's work is artistically implemented in various forms, including stamps for the international organizations UNO and UNESCO.

The Tiananmen massacre in 1989 was an event that had a special impact on his work. Granger began painting with combat tanks as a sign of protest. The steel giants no longer served war, but art. His first abstract and large-format “armour” canvasses, so-called "Empreintes", date from 1991. The result: image structures of disturbing ease.

In the year of 2015 Michel Granger starts with "Herbarium". An art project in which the artist works with logs, twigs and a road roller. The cycle represents a further artistic upheaval, because here the painter places the subject of deforestation at the centre of his work. The paintings edited by Granger in the studio represent figurative, partially japonizing compositions.

Michel Granger was born on October 13, 1946, in Roanne, in the southeast of France. After studying at the Beaux-Arts in Lyon, he went to Paris in 1969. In addition to his paintings, he regularly designed sketches and illustrations for both French and foreign newspapers and magazines, including “Der Spiegel”. His works have been shown in individual exhibitions in galleries and museums in France, Germany, Poland and Japan.

Text by Sabine Glaubitz



Photographer Doreen Geyer

Photographer Doreen Geyer



Michel Granger

 “Au Nom de la Terre” was conceived as an exhibition showcasing Michel Granger’s new body of work “Herbarium” with blue and green plant prints. But while preparing, French electronic musician Jean Michel Jarre asked Granger for permission to use the artist’s record cover drawing of the album “Oxygène” in 1976 for its 40-year anniversary as a 3D-print in 2016.

“Au Nom de la Terre” brings Michel Granger’s two works together: Intense vetiver and earthy wood scents reflect the herbarium while mineral elements mimic the ozone blue of “Oxygène”.