Exhibition:   01.12.16 – 04.04.2017

A line takes the form of a flower, a point becomes a planet and a peeled orange reveals ist insides. Pauline Bazignan uses a handful of simple, almost primitive elements to delve deep inside her subjects, revealing their inner beauties. 

In her solo exhibition Vulcano, Pauline Bazignan presents her most recent series of sculptures and paintings.

It is through the void, or rather, through subtraction that she reveals a world usually invisible to the naked eye. Fire and water serve her during her process in which painting turns to water in order to remove colour and density. In her sculptures, she uses the same extraction method, but this time with fire. By forming organic, hollow objects, she discloses a natural vacuum, highlighting the void with what remains.

The exhibition is also an opportunity to discover the collaboration between Pauline Bazignan and the perfumer Marie Urban - Le Febvre. Marie, whose laboratory is in the vicinity of Urban Scent(s) & Art Space, will create subtle scents that share an acute dialogue with the artist’s work.

Pauline Bazignan (Paris, France, 1974) graduated from the National School of Fine Arts in Paris, where she currently lives and works. Vulcano is her first solo exhibition in Germany.

Text by Sabine Glaubitz



Photographer Jenna Dallwitz

Photographer Jenna Dallwitz



Pauline Bazignan

"Art is always something to see, to touch, perhaps to listen to . But art never smells, "explains the French artist. And so she wanted her work with the citrus fruits and the fire to be perceived as olfactory, for she is always confronted with smells when peeling and burning the fruit.

The fragrance "Vulcano", which bears the same name as the exhibition itself. While the citrus can be perceived as you enter, the more you reach the firings, the deeper you enter the room. The art on the walls is correspondingly different, namely, through the eyes and nose. 


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