A beautiful combination
that widens the senses. 

In the same way a scent can elicit an image or a memory, a picture, a sound or a taste can in turn inspire a scent. In collaboration with artists of all disciplines, Marie Le Febvre designs limited “Sense Editions” for exhibitions at CavuSpace that are rooted in visual, acoustic or culinary experiences and unfold into unique perfumes for a synesthetic sensation. 

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Pauline Bazignan

"Art is always something to see, to touch, perhaps to listen to . But art never smells, "explains the French artist. And so she wanted her work with the citrus fruits and the fire to be perceived as olfactory, for she is always confronted with smells when peeling and burning the fruit.

The fragrance "Vulcano", which bears the same name as the exhibition itself. While the citrus can be perceived as you enter, the more you reach the firings, the deeper you enter the room. The art on the walls is correspondingly different, namely, through the eyes and nose. 

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Michel Granger

 “Au Nom de la Terre” was conceived as an exhibition showcasing Michel Granger’s new body of work “Herbarium” with blue and green plant prints. But while preparing, French electronic musician Jean Michel Jarre asked Granger for permission to use the artist’s record cover drawing of the album “Oxygène” in 1976 for its 40-year anniversary as a 3D-print in 2016.

“Au Nom de la Terre” brings Michel Granger’s two works together: Intense vetiver and earthy wood scents reflect the herbarium while mineral elements mimic the ozone blue of “Oxygène”. 

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